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Far Cry is a state-run shooter with plenty of world-wide exploration elements. As Jack Carver, veteran of the Special Forces, you are the only tropical island that searches for a lack of journalists. Against them are mercenaries and other more exotic opponents. You have to explore the island, turn off the bad boys and go to the bottom of the box. Welcome to the Far Cry jungle, the first person in the combination of external exploration and shooting action; Success was critical and made a presentation of goodwillseries The concept is not innovative anymore, as it was first released in 2004: it creates successful imitations, but the game is strained and exciting. Even with modern games, the fragments of these are very polished, like those that are really difficult. If you played with other shooters in the first person, you will not find a lot of controls, even if you play the game with a bit more camouflage and tactic thinking – Jack Carver is difficult, but not indestructible.Although they are made with modern standards, the graphics are still attractive. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The classic Far Cry review is not the latest visual appearance, but the game is still attractive for the first time to return or dive. More about Far Cry

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