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The PES 2016 series is the best Pro Evolution Soccer game since PlayStation 2. But it’s a disaster in terms of graphics.

It has the PSE (function {{app review page at the desk}} genius; It’s hard to imagine the genius of the 2016 PSE. But it’s strange that its brilliance is not bad at identifying it, it seems too insignificant because it has been szczególe.Dwie all the undeniable stars of physics and artificial intelligence. Konami has made great strides in both areas, including Kryop Ball Control and Controlmore organic and unpredictable ogólniepoczucie. The PSE has always been a strategic franchise, now it seems that the PSE in 2016 is rhythm and agility at the end of the opponent together with FIFA.Istotne also improves the artificial intelligence and the fear of transferring with his football teammates. Now you can be sure that your allies, you should protect your teammate, who is going to goedHy players while you were going to be waiting for the opening. It is difficult to connect 22 AI players to one anotherputting them on top and opposing each other. To see this action, encourage the work group as a single unit to treat it as a single-wolf group. PES in 2016, any win, no matter how small, feels. You need to focus on every part of the game – not only for this purpose – the overall overview of each item can cause disaster. Accuracy, reflection and cooling are the key to victory. There will be appeals to the new PES 2016 here: appearing every minuteThe fights and challenges. Any microscope can lead to glory or failure. And the most important thing – regardless of what is happening – is fun because you do not guess what will happen.

PS3 port? Here are some bad news: The PES 2016 version of the computer is the port of the PS3 version. We really do not know why Konami does not have custom versions of PS4 and Xbox One versions customized. An older graphical graph is poorer and less dynamic animation. It’s not bad,But PES 2016 still has content: Legends Down, Master League, Master LeagueMyClub PES is not just a field in the field, but also a mini-soccer driver, which is almost as good as the main action. There are also licenses for the PES 2016 FIFA profits, although it is still behind the EA game parabol.

Best 2016 consoliPES great It’s strategic, unpredictable, wonderful, and ecological, but we recommend that you have a computer graphics that is called PS4 and Xbox One, if you’re not generous and leave meleave the game

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